There are always a number of ways that you can assist. We are sure you have skills that could assist your child’s teacher or front office. Scroll down to see some ideas or to send a message to the school that you’re interested!


Volunteering Ideas

  • Reading to your child’s class
  • Become a supporter of our Parent Teacher Organization and attend meetings.
  • Listen to students with their oral reading.
  • Organize and run a book fair.
  • Become the school coordinator for all classroom volunteers.
  • Ensure student safety by helping the arrival safety team
  • Help the campus recycling team
  • Assist in the office:
    • with attendance
    • with record keeping for the lunch program
    • helping the office manager during that busy first hour of the school day
  • Making copies for the teacher
  • Assist students with their data notebooks (extremely important student responsibility).
  • Assist with the planning and attend a field trip.
  • Help with before school, during lunch, and after school supervision.
  • Find out how to donate needed supplies and materials (recycle) for an art project.
  • Help organize a student art display night.
  • Assist with end of year Science Fair.
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of a school garden.
  • Setting up performing arts and crafts projects.

ICMS Volunteer Interest Form

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